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Service where you can find drop domains with Wikipedia backlinks

I wrote How I’m developing Web service which helps to find drop domains about half year ago. Briefly: I parsed Wikipedia and found a lot of links from Wikipedia pages to domains which are free now. So you can buy one of those drop domains and you will have domain with backlink from Wikipedia. And I created website and wanted to give people ability to find domains there.

It past a lot of time when I started to create this service. Idea of the project were changed many times and I already did a lot mistakes like:

  • Chose technologies which I knew not so good. I also wanted to learn it. But It was bad idea.
  • Started to developing without MVP.
  • When I realized that I need MVP first I did plan of this MVP but it actually I did too huge plan 🤦‍♂️

Finally I burned out. Stopped my project and about 6 month did other small projects.

But I liked my whois parser I did. So some times I made some improvements and run parsing again and again.

And about 2 weeks ago came back to project and decided really simplify it for first MVP.

My results at this moment:

  1. I found about 1500 drop domains within en.wikipedia and ru.wikipedia
  2. Created gig on Fivver to test how to sell drop domain and what people need. Got only 2 orders for 5 USD.
  3. Now drop-domains available on google sheet(only domains with metrics I add)
  4. At this moment I have a lot of drop domains but It’s difficult to get metrics for domains(like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz) because their subscription too expensive and I’m not sure that subscription will be pay off.

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