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Guide how to check main metrics Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic for free.

Original websites where metrics came from

Majestic Citation Flow(CF), Trust Flow(TF) —

Ahrefs Domain Rating(DR), URL Rating(UR) —

You also can use Ahrefs for free but it will be limited access. But even limited tools give helpful information.

Domain Authority(DA), Linking Root Domains…

I wrote How I’m developing Web service which helps to find drop domains about half year ago. Briefly: I parsed Wikipedia and found a lot of links from Wikipedia pages to domains which are free now. So you can buy one of those drop domains and you will have domain…

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

There are at least 2 ways I know:

  1. Find imperfect(not fully explained) Wikipedia article. Create cool content on your website where you explain and prove something wiki article doesn’t have. And finally crate Wikipedia account and suggest link to your content.
  2. Another way to find Wikipedia articles which have external links to expired websites. It’s not easy but first way too :)

Now i’m working on my web-service for finding those expired domains Wikipedia uses.

It’s still in progress but I already found a lot domains.

If you interested in this type of promoting your website, you already can use my service in Fiverr check here


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